Does your banker's look provide "inner peace"?

A Swiss bank's style manual says it should

Just in time for holiday shopping, the Swiss banking giant UBS has issued a style manual for its employees that rivals anything issued by Esquire or Vogue. “Our style of dress often reflects our mode of action,” declare USB’s fashion mavens. “A flawless appearance can provide an inner peace and a sense of security.” And how exactly to achieve that state of sartorial grace? Start with a classic white shirt, essential for both men and women. For the suit, “anthracite dark colors, black and dark blue symbolize competence, the formality and seriousness.” Not too much leg: “The perfect skirt length is in the middle of the knee and may go down to two inches below the knee (measured from the middle of the knee).” Oh, and underwear: no matter what you’ve seen in hip-hop videos, make sure yours is not visible through the clothing or “overflowing” beyond all that fine tailoring.

Vancouver Sun

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