Down goes Linda McMahon: Ding, ding!

Twitter responds as wrestling magnate goes down for the count

A wrestling magnate’s election loss

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Linda McMahon, former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, invested plenty of her own money into winning a seat at the U.S. Senate. Four years ago, she lost in her bid to represent Connecticut, but stepped back into the ring Tuesday night. The rematch did not fall in her favour.
Linda McMahon just got the #Smackdown layed down on her! #WWE Sáenz
But how much money did she spend exactly in her failed pursuit? Nearly six figures.
In two elections, Linda McMahon has spent $94 million of her own money to not win a Senate seat Atlantic
Linda McMahon spent more of her own money in pursuit of federal office than any American in history. She lost twice: Jones
Linda McMahon could have provided a $1000 scholarship to nearly every Connecticut college student for the cost of her two failed campaigns.Anil Dash
Linda McMahon spends $90-100M on two Senate campaigns, and comes up with nothin’. She’s like the Mets.Bruce Arthur
Linda McMahon is able to get enough tweets to trend on Twitter, but not to win an election…interested.Jenna Glynn
Considering her fortune was made making celebrities out of “The Rock”, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Triple H, the wrestling metaphors of her loss were quick to enter the Twitter ring.
Surprised Linda McMahon’s years in wrestling didn’t prepare her for something as fake as politics.Indecision
It was looking real bad for Linda McMahon, but Triple H just entered the CNN newsroom!!!David Angelo
Linda McMahon spent around $100 million on two losing Senate races. What a metaphorical folding chair to the head.
Linda McMahon just lost. On the bright side, she just challenged her opponent to a sudden-death cage match to defend his new title.Harrison Greenbaum
I prefer to think of Linda McMahon spending $100 million on two failed campaigns simply as redistributing Hell In A Cell revenues.Will Leitch
WWE fans after getting news that Linda McMahon lost …. ✞
Yo Linda McMahon the former owner of the WWE just got suplexed by Chris Murphey in the senate race in Connecticut!Zach Parnes
**BREAKING** Linda McMahon crashes Democratic Celebration Party.. Steel chair to Chris Murphy’s back.. Heads to top rope!? Wes Hanna
Linda McMahon #LINDA2012 fails to cash in her Money in the Bank Briefcase @ the #Election #WWE @nodqdotcom
And down goes Linda McMahon. 1 – 2 – 3 – Ding Ding. Chis Murphy is the Winner! *crowd cheers*Nicol E Melmenditon