Drabinsky’s latest Broadway gambit

'He's out of his f---in' mind.’

Looming jail time hasn’t dampened Garth Drabinsky’s entrepreneurial moxy. The fallen impresario sentenced to seven years for defrauding investors last year is currently awaiting his appeal in Toronto. In the interim, he’s scrambling to save the Broadway show Finnian’s Rainbow set to shutter this weekend. Drabinsky hasn’t seen the show due to the fact he’ll be arrested if he sets foot in the U.S. But sources says he’s brimming with marketing ideas, even offering to put up US$1.5 million in exchange for rights to produce the musical in Canada. The New York Post reports Drabinsky called several veteran Broadway producers and directors to discuss his plans for the show. “‘Can you believe it?’ one of them marvels. ‘He carried on like he was going to take it over. He was talking about what theater it could go into. He’s out of his f – – – in’ mind.’” Apparently Drabinsky’s on the blower weekly with his old Broadway pals to talk about new ideas for shows. “Garth doesn’t believe he’s going to jail,” says one.

New York Post