E-cards warn of STD exposure

Using the Internet to alert sexual partner

The Internet has made it far easier for people to meet sexual partners—just as it’s made it easier to warn those partners of potential exposure to sexually transmitted disease. Public health officials are looking at ways to use the Internet to prevent the spread of STDs, and the e-card (which lets the sender select the disease in question, and includes links to public health services) is part of that strategy, the New York Times reports. Nine U.S. cities and three states are now working with inSPOT, an online partner notification aimed at gay men which is expanding to include heterosexuals, and will launch a national site this year. Men with STDs often don’t tell casual partners about it, according to experts: “They […] didn’t take the time to follow up with other people they were having sex with,” says Deb Levine, executive director of Internet Sexuality Information Services. “They said to us, ‘If there was an easy and convenient way to do it, we would.’ ”

The New York Times