E.coli in chicken linked to urinary tract infections in women

It may not be your boyfriend's fault

Researchers at the universities of McGill and Guelph, in conjunction with
the Public Health Agency of Canada, have found a connection between chicken
sold in retail outlets such as grocery stores and restaurants and the risk
of urinary tract infections in young women. Chicken samples taken in
Montreal between 2005 and 2007 revealed that E. coli bacteria from these
sources can lead to common UTIs—although eating contaminated chicken doesn’t
directly lead to UTIs. Researchers say people shouldn’t be alarmed, and
advise proper handling and thorough cooking of meat to cut the chances of
the bacteria spreading. They say this study is an important step towards
understanding whether the use of antibiotics in livestock may lead to E.
coli that is resistant to medication.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention