Elk shot by Colorado police mourned at community vigil

An elk that was shot by a police officer in the mountainside city of Boulder, Col. was mourned at a community vigil Sunday evening.

According to a report in the Boulder Daliy Camera, about 200 people gathered at the vigil, which was held to celebrate the life of the elk.

Local residents said the elk had been living in the area during the winters for three years. Citizens sang Amazing Grace, joined hands and lit candles.

The elk was reportedly shot on Jan. 1 by an on-duty police officer who has now been placed on paid administrative leave while the Boulder police force investigates. A second officer has also been put on leave. The Daily Camera reports that the second officer was off duty at the time of the shooting and came in to help load up the elk carcass, which was then processed for meat.

“Although personnel investigations can take weeks to complete, the Boulder Police Department is taking some administrative action immediately,” said the Boulder police in a release.

There are conflicting reports on whether or not the elk showed any aggressive behaviour in the days before it was shot.

The Boulder police chief was scheduled to meet with concerned residents on Monday afternoon.