End of NHL Lockout? Steve Burton has few believers

Aaron Hutchins on a rumour that's making the rounds

End of NHL Lockout? Steve Burton has few believers.

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Is the NHL Lockout over? Well Steve Burton, a journalist with CBS-affiliated WBZ-TV out of Boston has reported that it might be.
WBZ’s Steve Burton reports that a deal to save the #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday – @JoeGizaWBZ Boston Sports
Did Steve Burton just end the lockout ? Whitney
Normally this news would send fans and players into an excited frenzy, but this news report was met largely with disbelief. While Burton is a sports anchor who has experience with professional football and baseball, he garners little name recognition in hockey media circles.
Uhhhh… by who? RT @wbzsports: Steve Burton reports a deal to save #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or WednesdayBrodie Brazil
No idea if true“@wbzsports: WBZ’s Steve Burton reports that deal to save the #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday-@JoeGiza”Steve Goldstein
We’re not reporting anything, but if you’re a fan of unknown reporters making outrageous claims that make you happy, search: "Steve Burton."The Garden Faithful
you mean to tell me steve burton, who never covers hockey and couldnt pick tyler seguin out of a lineup, was wrong about the lockout ending?ryan lambert
Though others reminded some that Burton is still somewhat connected to the Boston Bruins, and in fact broke a story about an NHL player’s cancer years back.
Haven’t heard anything like Steve Burton’s report, but remember the WBZ radio arm is the flagship station of @NHLBruins. Hope he’s right.Dale Arnold
Steve Burton of CBS Boston reports a deal to save the NHL season is imminent.. Broke the news of Kessel’s testicular cancer a few years ago.Samir Javer
Steve Burton of @wbzsports in Boston is reporting that a deal to end the lockout could be announced soon. Burton is very tuned into Bruins.Jeremy Rutherford
Only reason this Steve Burton comment is interesting is bc he broke Phil Kessels testicular cancer. Maybe he has an informant??Andrew J. Kistner
Other sports journalists couldn’t find any information on their own to confirm the story of the lockout ending, leading to more skeptics of Burton’s report.
Just heard from one source close to CBA negotiations and one NHL source and both are unaware of any announcement coming that lockout is overJimmy Murphy
Bill Daly denying @wbzsports on-air story saying NHL-players could announce a deal tomorrow or Wed. Steve Burton a good reporter thoughadater
Checked in w/source on @wbzsports Steve Burton report, who said it was "interesting, but not true." I really hope he knows something we dontJoe Haggerty
I feel so bad for everyone actually believing Steve BurtonMark Chiarelli
Well, it didn’t take long for the local hockey reporters to take a steaming dump all over Steve Burton’s scoop. #journalism #NHLRear Admiral
Burton’s report has lifted the spirits of many die-hard fans begging for an end to lockout. But many are taking it be just one misguided report that likely isn’t true.
No ones career has ever hung in the balance quite like Steve Burton’s is right now.Kevin Oliver
I don’t wanna believe Steve Burton and just be disappointed again but I feel the stupid flicker of hope #dontbelieveitCourtney
Have we ruled out the possibility that Steve Burton was simply attempting to spread some holiday cheer? #RumorMillChristian Arcand
Steve burton I didnt buy this TV to watch curling on. you say a NHL deal might be done this Wednesday. You better mean it comes
WBZ’s Steve Burton reports that a deal to save the #nhl season could be announced tomorrow or Wednesday, the same day pigs fly.Jeff Fredericks
Steve burton just wanted to trend on twitter I guess?Jake Lowe
Brilliant maneuver by Steve Burton. Just announce the lockout is over and maybe everyone will show up and play without asking questions.Johnston & Flynn
Somewhere, a tearful Steve Burton deletes the "Steve Burton Fans" fan page that he was planning to create on FacebookHockeysteve54
Hockey fans are too intelligent to be asking me questions about the Steve Burton/WRZ report. Either that or they’ve stopped caring entirely.Sean Hartnett
If the NHL does announce an end to the lockout, few fans will remember who broke the story first. For one night, however, Burton will be the man of the moment.
Steve Burton has officially taken the title of sexiest man alive #yumNykia Jensen
Either hockey is back or Steve Burton is exposed as a fool to all of North America. Really can’t lose. #WinWinBestofBSMW
If Steve Burton is right about a possible end to the NHL lockout, I’ll take back every bad thing I’ve ever said about him, ever.Rascal Gas

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