JFK's secret mistress ends 45 years of silence

Former intern is publishing book on the affair

Mimi Beardsley Alford was 19 when she began working as a White House intern in 1962. Now retired and twice married, she is publishing her story of a “sexual relationship” with former President John F. Kennedy, and is rumoured to be receiving nearly $1 million for the book. Beardsley kept the one-year affair, which ended suddenly when Kennedy was assassinated, secret for 40 years. The relationship was brought to light in a 2003 biography of JFK, but Beardsley is only now speaking out herself. The book will chronicle Alford’s life before, during and after her time with the president; examining her loss of innocence and the impact of keeping such a secret. Alford’s publisher said the book will not discuss any “intimate” details.

The Telegraph