EU at risk of cyber attack -

EU at risk of cyber attack

Report urges governments to prioritize security


The European Union had better shore up its cyber defenses—and fast. According to a report from Britain’s House of Lords, when it comes to staving off cyber attack, European governments are falling down on the job. Despite being dependent on the Internet for everything from banking to information, cyber security varies wildly from one country to the next, leaving the EU open for attack. As Lord Jopling, who chairs the Lords EU committee told The Guardian, “The collapse of cybersystems in one country can overlap into others […] “The threat can come anywhere—including to individual businesses, financial services such as the City, critical infrastructure or the mechanics of government … and you never know quite who is responsible, which is part of the problem.” The EU, the report found, has fallen behind NATO, which has prioritized cyber security.

The Guardian

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