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Evian dancing babies ad goes viral


Bottled water company Evian has released a new online ad featuring dancing babies and it’s gone viral, with nearly 30 million views since it was published on Friday, April 19.

The ad, called Baby&Me, shows adults who are confronted with the baby versions of themselves while walking down the street. They interact with the babies, mainly through rad dance moves to the song Here Comes the Hotstepper, which was remixed by artist Yuksek.

The ad was created by agency BETC Paris and it builds on the success of a 2009 Evian campaign, which showed roller skating babies busting a move to The Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight. That campaign has been viewed nearly 66 million times, making it the most watched online ad of all time, according to Guinness.

Other metrics put the Roller Babies ad at the third most watched ad campaign of all time, reports AdAge. The top two ad campaigns of all time are the “Will It Blend” series with 230 million, and Kony2012 with 220 million, reports AdAge.

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