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Feds expect to cut spending by $10 billion in 2011

March 22 budget to phase out stimulus spending


Ottawa will spend $10 billion less this year than in 2010, according to government documents tabled at the House of Commons on Tuesday, with $7 billion of the savings coming from the end of the Economic Action Plan. Among the departments that will get a budget increase, National Defence will get an extra $191.8 million, Justice can count on an additional $25.3million, Canada Border Services pockets $227 million more than last year, and Correctional Services gets a 21.2 per cent increase to pay for more prisons and guards. At the same time, spending on public safety will be cut by $26 million, as some crime prevention programs come to an end, while environment and resource-based programs will be cut by $1.6 billion. Environment Minsiter Peter Kent said these spending estimates could still be adjusted when federal budget is tabled on March 22.

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