Finally, a website for moviegoers with small bladders suggests good peeing opportunities in films now showing at theatres

Even the best of us need to use the loo mid-film. “When we return to our seats, we pray the answer to ‘What did I miss?’ isn’t ‘Darth Vader is really Luke’s father’ or ‘the girlfriend is really a guy,'” writes Jake Coyle, of the Canadian Press. A new website and iPhone application——makes such a scenario high unlikely. “The site provides recommended opportunities to race to the restroom,” Coyle says. “It tells you when the action or romance wanes, and gives you a cue (‘Baby O.J. is taken from Bruno’) for your exit.” The site very helpfully gives you a countdown of the minutes you’ve got left for your potty sojourn and a summary of what you’ve missed. The site gets between 3,000 and 6,000 visitors a day, says its creator, Florida Flash developer Dan Florio, who got the idea in the three-hour 2005 dud King Kong.

The Canadian Press