Financial advice for Mrs. Woods

In dollars and cents, here's what's best for the world's most famous scorned wife

Save the marriage if you can. Don’t run out and hire the nastiest divorce attorney in the country. Get out of the public eye and stay out, because it hurts the financial interests of everyone involved to feed the tabloid machine. These are just a few of the thoughts of a panel of experts the Wall Street Journal asked to provide unsolicited advice to Elin Nordegren, Tiger Woods’s wife. They make some salient legal points: for example, Nordegren probably can’t break her pre-nup with the fallen superstar without proof he made her sign it under duress, or that he held back financial information; the good news for Nordegren is that the pre-nup has no bearing on the child support he’d be required to pay if she did divorce him. Child support is based entirely on his assets and earnings and the lifestyle the kids enjoy at the moment. In other words, they wouldn’t exactly be destitute.

Wall Street Journal

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