Five things we learned during Manti Te'o's interview with Katie Couric

Highlights of the he said-(s)he said-she's dead saga

Last week there was Lance and Oprah. This week? Manti and Katie.

Here are five things we learned about the he said-(s)he said-she’s dead saga during the latest prime-time confessional:

1. T’eo said his online girlfriend left him “I just called to say I love you,” voicemails, which Couric played during the hourlong interview.

2. Te’o says he tried several times to meet Lennay Kekua in person:

3. T’eo denied allegations that he orchestrated the story to hide his sexuality. Asked directly if he was gay, T’eo replied, “Far from it. Faaar from it.”

4. Te’o’s father defended his son. “People can speculate about what they think he is. I’ve known him 21 years of his life,” Brian Te’o told Couric. “He’s not a liar. He’s a kid.”

5. When asked about his interaction with Kekua on a trip to Hawaii, Te’o explained that because of a mixup with cars, a meeting didn’t take place. “It’s one of those things.” Over on Bleacher Report, Dan Levy asks the followup questions that he thinks should have come from Couric:

“If, at that point in the story, Te’o believed Kekua was alive, why didn’t he drive to the hotel to see her? How long was she staying in Hawaii, and why did he make zero effort to see her over the course of her trip? If her brothers were there and took the car, why didn’t they offer to drop her off? Why didn’t Te’o borrow his dad’s car or ask the friend he was staying with to drive him? Why didn’t Te’o make plans to see her in the morning for breakfast?”

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