Football Association investigates after Chelsea's Eden Hazard kicks ball boy in the ribs

Charlie Morgan, 17, may have been wasting time during important match

The Football Association is investigating a cringe-worthy moment that saw a teenage ball boy kicked in the ribs by Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard during a match between Chelsea and Swansea City.

Here’s what it looked like:

The incident happened after Charlie Morgan–a 17-year-old ball boy, who also happens to be the son of Swansea City director Martin Morgan-either fell or jumped on a ball that had been kicked out of bounds, depending on who you ask.

Hazard wound up and kicked at the ball, but mostly hit Morgan.

The match was tied at the time and nearing the end of the game, which eventually ended in a draw and saw Swansea City advance to the final in the Capital One Cup.

After he was kicked Morgan complained to Chris Foy, the referee, who spoke with the lineman before kicking Hazard out of the game with a red card. A red card means Hazard will be suspended for three games, but an investigation could see him handed a stiffer penalty.

There are concerns that Morgan was intentionally delaying the game to help ensure a favourable outcome for Swansea City. The Guardian reports that Morgan used his Twitter account before the game to say that he was “needed for time-wasting” during the match.

Time-delay concerns aside, Hazard’s actions were wrong, Professional Footballers’ Association chairman Gordon Taylor said. “You can’t take the law into your own hands,” he told BBC Sports.

Morgan and Hazard reportedly made amends in the change room after the game and there won’t be any criminal charges.