For the record: Who is saying what about Wente

Twitter responds to Margaret Wente's response

Twitter responds to Margaret Wente’s response

‘I’m far from perfect,’ Margaret Wente writes in Tuesday’s Globe and Mail. ‘I make mistakes. But I’m not a serial plagiarist.’ Here’s how the Twitterverse responded to the column and the latest developments in the story:

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In a staff memo posted on his newspaper’s website, Globe editor John Stackhouse said columnist Margaret Wente has been disciplined over charges of plagiarism relating to a column she wrote in July 2009. 
Here’s the Globe’s media reporter on the news:
Stackhouse on Wente: "This work was not in accordance with our code of conduct, and is unacceptable."Steve Ladurantaye
Wente is still with the paper, for those who ask, and will have a column tomorrow in which she defends herself.Steve Ladurantaye
Context-o-rama: The internal memo editor John Stackhouse sent to employees regarding Wente. Ladurantaye
The Toronto Star also reported on developments:
Globe disciplines Margaret Wente over plagiarism accusations Star
Response to the memo was fast and furious in the Twitterverse: 
Wente: "What I often am is a target for people who don’t like what I write." Not true: even people who agree with you don’t like word theft.Jeet Heer
Thanks to the Globe and Mail we now know something can be more disappointing, indecisive and insulting than NFL replacement refs.Emmett Macfarlane
We need more columnists with Margaret Wente’s courage. Here’s hoping the @globeandmail doesn’t let her down. Gable
While I often disagree with Wente’s opinions and sweeping assumptions, I wonder if all of this is a bit harsh.emma woolley
A few saluted Wente’s courage, but most expressed indignation while others cracked wise:
Wente, Stead and Stackhouse walk into a bar…Todd Irvine
This seems to be the internet reaction to the whole Wente/Stead thing. Murray
Sorry, Professor – when I was reading that book I accidentally copied an entire sentence into my notes, later I used it in my essay. #WenteGraham Shular
Shorter Margaret Wente: I’m sorry, but if you would all stop pointing out my ethical lapses this would never have happened so piss off.Emmett Macfarlane
The Globe and Mail taking disciplinary action against Wente – they’ve removed the CTRL and V buttons from her keyboardJesse Hawken
Dear Globe and Mail: My name is Dan Gardner. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Gardner
Some tweets offered advice, or anticipated more debate: 
First rule of holes: when you find yourself in one, stop digging. #wenteGerald Butts
The problem with Margaret Wente is that she (as usual) thinks this all about her. No it’s about everyone who works in Canadian #journalism.Robin Rowland
Thanks Margaret Wente for teaching me to think before I tweet, blog, speak: @globeandmail Tobianah
Days like tomorrow I will miss being in a j-school classroom where heated, opinionated debate on ethics will inevitably take place #WenteStephanie Brooks
For the record, here is how Maclean’s writers Jesse Brown and Colby Cosh responded to the news:
I don’t understand how making a feeble public editor more independent will help Globe.Colby Cosh
Double secret probation “@chrisboutet: Globe takes action on plagiarism allegations against columnist Margaret Wente”Colby Cosh
Assuming her punishment wasn’t "all the candy she can eat". “@mattgurney: Wente having a shitty day.”Colby Cosh
Wente’s self-pitying pseudo-apology vibrates with contempt for a "blogger" and "the Twitterverse" but never actually owns up to plagiarism.Jesse Brown
Not that anyone should care,but I never felt it a firing offense. A genuine apology woulda satisfied me as a reader. But that was troublingJesse Brown
In case you missed it, you can the Brown and Cosh posts on the controversy by following the links below: 
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