Ford campaign expenses audit released; says Ford overspent by $40,168 -

Ford campaign expenses audit released; says Ford overspent by $40,168


TORONTO – Just a week after Toronto’s mayor won his conflict of interest appeal, Rob Ford is facing a new challenge.

A forensic audit of Ford’s 2010 election campaign finances determined he “overspent during his campaign by $40,168” — an apparent contravention of the Municipal Elections Act.

The audit was based on allegations Ford’s 2010 campaign exceeded the $1.3 million limit and that he broke the law by borrowing about $77,000 in campaign expenses from his family’s company.

A three-person panel will now analyze the violations under the Municipal Elections Act and may bring in a special prosecutor.

If the case is brought to a prosecutor, non-criminal charges would be laid, and a conviction could result in penalties ranging from fines to Ford’s ouster from office.

Last Friday, Ontario’s Divisional Court overturned a previous decision that ordered Ford removed from office for violating conflict of interest rules.

Earlier in the day, Ford’s brother, Coun. Doug Ford got in a heated exchange with one of the mayor’s strongest opponents — Coun. Adam Vaughn.

“Why don’t we do a forensic audit on Adam’s file? Why don’t we do a forensic on all the left? Why is it centre-to-right folks are being audited around here?,” Doug Ford asked.

“You got allegations? Bring it on,” Vaughn replied.

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