Four people accused of spying for Russia with fake Canadian identities

One had a photocopy of a dead Canadian infant’s birth certificate hidden in safe-deposit box

Ten people were arrested yesterday in the U.S. and charged with spying for Russia. Three of the alleged agents were using stolen Canadian identities. The man known as Donald Howard Heathfield kept the birth certificate of a Canadian infant with that name who died many years ago in a safe deposit box, reports CBC News. Court documents said one woman with a fake British passport in the name of Tracey Lee Ann Foley, was posing as a former Montreal travel agent who had specialized in organizing trips to French wine country. One man, posing as a Canadian named Christopher Metsos, is still being hunted by the FBI. The 10 people arrested all face charges of conspiracy to act as unregistered agents of a foreign government. The FBI said in documents that the alleged spies had been sending Moscow information on U.S. policy related to terrorism, the military and Central Asia.

CBC News