France's team disgraced

Zero goals and a crumbling team lead supporters to cheer for a loss

France, runner-up at the last World Cup, is suffering through a national embarrassment as its soccer team falls to pieces while both winless and goalless in this years tournament. Fans are in a rage over the expulsion of team’s superstar striker, Nicolas Anelka, who was kicked out after swearing at his team’s manager during a 2-0 loss to Mexico, prompting his comrades to boycott training. Team director Jean-Louis Valentin has resigned in disgust, and even French President Nicolas Sarkozy has condemned the entire situation. “It’s no longer football; it’s no longer sport. In fact, it’s no longer a team,” said Presidential adviser Henri Guaino. Sponsors are trying to quietly remove themselves from the chaos, and France’s sports minister is now staying in South Africa to try and sort out the mess. The situation is only made worse by accusations that the problems stem from the multi-racial makeup of the team, a sharp contrast to celebrated 1998 victors who were celebrated as “blacks, blancs, beurs”—blacks, whites and Arabs. The controversy has become so vile that many French fans now say they’re hoping for a loss and a quick return home to end the embarrassment.

BBC News