French mothers don't just have better kids, they have better vaginas too -

French mothers don’t just have better kids, they have better vaginas too


France wants you, and your vagina, to get back in shape after delivering a baby. Writing from Paris for Slate, American author Claire Lundberg describes her 10 sessions of vaginal re-education after giving birth to a baby girl last November. The courses, fully covered under France’s universal health care system, teach mothers how to regain control of the muscles controlling the vagina, which are strained and overstretched by pregnancy and birth. Lundberg’s hilarious account of her sessions raises a good question: is this just another thing the French do better than North Americans?

This point was raised in the last edition of Maclean’s, in an interview with American journalist Pamela Druckerman (“Why the French are better parents”). Druckerman, who seems to believe everything the French do is better than anything North Americans do, would probably say that the vaginal re-education program is more proof of it. Still, it might be worth reminding all women out there, that Kegel exercises are just as effective, widely available online, and free of charge.


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