From Sea to Sea and then some

With Liberal support, NDP MP pushes for quick edit to Canadian motto

“From Sea to Sea to Sea” could be Canada’s new motto if a New Democratic MP has his way. Western Arctic MP Dennis Bevington first introduced a motion to change the slogan to include the Arctic in 2006, but backing from Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff makes passage by Parliament more likely this time around. Notably, it was Ignatieff’s great-grandfather, George Monro Grant, who campaigned for the adoption of Canada’s current slogan, “From Sea to Sea.” But as Ignatieff explains in his book True Patriot Love, the current motto “encapsulates the national vision of the railway age.” Now, he says, it’s incumbent upon Canadians to develop a “national vision of our age,” such as “the opening up of the Northwest Passage, once our frozen inland waterway.”

Ottawa Citizen

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