Front-page gallery: Margaret Thatcher's 'final farewell' -

Front-page gallery: Margaret Thatcher’s ‘final farewell’


Front-page gallery: Margaret Thatcher’s funeral

Front pages from Britain on former prime minister’s "final farewell."

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Today’s Front Page: Britain bids farewell to Margaret Thatcher Mail Online
Front page of @theipaper Thurs 18 April: "Thatcher: the final farewell: @hendopolis @SkyNews #tomorrowspaperstoday Jones
Here’s The Times’ Thatcher funeral souvenir pullot, page 1 and wrap cover Jack
Wednesday’s ‘London Evening Standard’ front page: Final journey Into history #Thatcher #London #UK
Striking front page of today’s @TheEveningTimes #thatcherThe Herald
Pomp and ceremony for Baroness Thatcher farewell – tomorrow’s @scotsmanpaper front page: McLaughlin
Thursday’s Daily Star front page: Goodbye Granny #Thatcher
Thursday’s front page… Boston bomber caught on CCTV and cheers and jeers as Thatcher laid to rest Mirror
Are Prime Minsters supposed to be cheered when they’re buried? Front page #dailytelegraph #margaretthatcher #thatcher Cnut
. @guardiannews Disgrace: breaking style and clearing whole front page for huge pic saying Thatcher was ‘one of us’
Check out today’s #YEPleeds front page. #Leeds #thatcher #thatcherfuneral #politics Hutchinson
Congratulation, Northern Echo. You nailed the whole #Thatcher thing in a double front-page: Kirkham
Thursday’s Sun front page: RIP Mrs T #Thatcher

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