Gaffe watchers stalk Romney

New book reveals sordid details of JFK affair

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum haven’t yet given yet up their bids for the Republican presidential nomination, but backers of President Barack Obama have long since turned their undivided attention to the man they assume will be the nominee: Mitt Romney. The Times has a story Monday on the unofficial team of Romney-gaffe watchers in the Obama camp, who scour news and social media for the former Mass. governor’s frequent tonal flubs—“I’m not concerned about the very poor”; “I like to be able to fire people”; “I have more money than an Incan King.” (I may have made that last one up.)

Meanwhile, the New York Post (via Slate) has an excerpt from a new memoir by JFK’s one-time intern and mistress Mimi Alford. According to the book, Kennedy took the then 19-year-old’s virginity days after meeting her, pressured her to take drugs and perform oral sex on an aide while he watched, and once asked her to “take care” of Teddy Kennedy. He also never kissed her on the lips. (Rich people are the best, right?)

New York Times



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