Garth Drabinsky's bid for full parole fails as panel split on issue

TORONTO, Cananda – Disgraced theatre mogul Garth Drabinsky will have to make another pitch for full parole.

A two-member panel hearing his case on Monday couldn’t agree on whether he should be allowed to live with his wife rather than at the halfway house where he has stayed since his release on day parole last year.

That means he will have to make his case to another parole board panel in the coming months.

The panel didn’t give reasons for the split decision, but both members had raised concerns about Drabinsky’s current work as an entertainment consultant.

As part of his conditions, the ex-CEO of the now defunct Livent Inc. is prohibited from owning or operating his own business or managing money for any other individual, company or charity.

He and his longtime friend and business partner Myron Gottlieb were convicted in 2009 of fraud in a book-cooking scheme that eventually led to Livent’s bankruptcy.