Gay and lesbian RCMP create 'It Gets Better' video

Gay and lesbian members of the B.C. RCMP are making their voices heard by releasing an “It Gets Better” video to talk about their experiences, and to tell gay youth that things get easier in adulthood.

In a video that is often touching, officers and RCMP civilian staff members recount their childhoods, when they knew they were gay, and the process of coming out to their parents.

The video was spearheaded by members of the Surrey RCMP Youth Unit.

The It Gets Better Project started in 2010 when sex columnist Dan Savage created a video with his partner, Terry Miller, after a series of high-profile suicides among gay teens who had been bullied. Since then, more than 50,000 people have uploaded their own videos to Youtube, telling teens that things get better after high school.

In Canada, prominent people who have participated in the It Gets Better campaign include Conservative MPs and staffers, comedian Rick Mercer, designer Tommy Smythe and ballet dancer Rex Harrington.

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