George W. books his second trip to Alberta

Edmonton event will be considerably cheaper than his Calgary stop in March

Former U.S. President George W. Bush will return to Alberta for a second time since leaving office, this time to Edmonton, reports the Journal, though this event will be considerably cheaper than W.’s Calgary stop in March. Back then, audience members who’d paid $400 a head–mainly business people and local political figures–“admitted to being captivated by Bush’s old-boy charm, a reminder of a time just after 9/11 when Bush was the most popular president in history,” writes Graham, who notes of the address, dubbed “A Conversation with George W. Bush,” that it’s “not so much a conversation as a performance, with the former president relating anecdotes and answering questions put to him by a moderator…” Bush also spoke in Toronto in May, drawing a sizable crowd, and will speak in Montreal shortly after schmoozing in Edmonton.

Edmonton Journal