German town removes Hess’s body -

German town removes Hess’s body

Neo-Nazis were paying homage to Hitler deputy’s grave


The German town of Wunsiedel has removed the remains of Adolph Hitler’s deputy, Rudolf Hess, from the town cemetery in order to deter Neo-Nazis from paying homage to his grave. His remains will be cremated and his headstone, which has the epitaph “I have dared” engraved upon it in German, was also destroyed. Hess’s descendants have reluctantly agreed to the decision, after his granddaughter and the church’s pastor struck up the agreement. Hess was captured in 1941, after parachuting into Scotland with the intent of negotiating a peace agreement with Nazi Germany. He was found guilty of war crimes at Nuremberg, and spent the rest of his life in prison until committing suicide on August 17, 1987. Far-right groups in Germany consider him a “martyr to the Fatherland” and began rallying at the Wunsiedel cemetery the following year.

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