GG vs PMO: The Slovenian Theatre -

GG vs PMO: The Slovenian Theatre


The Governor General is in Slovenia today, and she weighed in on Canada’s immigration troubles. Help me out here — is this appropriate subject matter for the GG? The second quotation in particular seems to get a bit too close to policy. At any rate, I don’t imagine the PMO will be too happy with this.

“The (immigration) system is right now almost overloaded and requires that we look at it carefully because we want to keep our good ways of doing things,” Michaelle told a joint news conference with Slovenian President Danilo Turk at the start of a two day visit to EU member Slovenia.

The European Union warned Tuesday that it would take retaliatory action against Canada unless its authorities lifted visa requirements by the end of the year for citizens from the Czech Republic imposed after refugee claims soared.

“This specific issue of the visa is, I would say, something that we are looking at carefully because it is a matter also of putting in place the right administrative measures in order to make sure we can manage large flow of demands,” Jean said.

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