Giants top Patriots while Ferris Bueller shills for Honda

Tom Brady changes into his suit, rides bus following loss

The New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 21 to 17 Sunday to win their second Super Bowl under coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning. Running back Ahmad Bradshaw accidentally scored the winning touchdown in the final minute of the game after trying and failing to down the ball on the one. The New England defence, hoping to gain more time for a comeback, gave Bradshaw a clear path to the end zone. When he reached the goal line, he turned, tried to squat and fell butt-first over the line. The stumble gave the Patriots one final chance to score. But quarterback Tom Brady, he of the Bieber hair, Ugg boots and supermodel wife, could not connect on a last-second Hail Mary pass to tight end Ron Gronkowski.

Brady said little after the game, which left Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel to fill his column with a minute-by-minute dissection of a man getting undressed and leaving a building. “It was 10:18 p.m,” Wetzel wrote. “Brady began to pull at his shoulder pads.” At 10:31, “Brady was adjusting his black three-piece suit.” And at 11 p.m. he and his wife “took seats 35 and 36” on the team bus. That’s the kind of detail only the pros/people filling space can offer you. (See also: coach Bill Belichick’s weirdly clipped post-game press conference.)

But enough about football. As a Canadian/someone too lazy to look them up online, I have not seen yet Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials. Slate’s Seth Stevenson has a good round up of what I gather can be summed up as: talking bears; talking babies; women’s breasts; Beckam’s abs; Ferris Bueller shilling cars.

I did watch the half-time show, which showed Madonna jiving through a medley of hits with guests Cee-Lo, LMAFO, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., who ended her bit by flipping off the crowd, a move not so much rebellious as quaint, like a throwback to protests of yore. The show was fine, but it did lack for jetpacks, which have a long history at the Super Bowl, as laid out last week in a story in the Smithsonian Magazine. Also lacking: adorable baby dogs. Luckily, Deadspin has the highlights from Sunday’s Puppy Bowl.



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