Giving taxpayers a peek at the government pocketbook -

Giving taxpayers a peek at the government pocketbook

B.C. MLAs should disclose detailed expense reports: Attorney-General


B.C. residents have the right to know how provincial MLAs are spending their tax dollars. That, at least, is the contention of Attorney-General and government house leader Mike de Jong, who is calling for increased transparency. “Everything that is spent in these buildings, whether it is by ministries, ministers or MLAs is public money, and people expect to be able to see and judge how that money is being spent,” says de Jong. As controversy over the same issue heats up in Ottawa, the Liberals and NDP echoed de Jong’s concerns. NDP house leader Mike Farnworth says the information should be once again available online. Such disclosure would give the public insight into how millions of dollars are spent each year. In 2008-2009, MLAs spent a collective $16.1 million.

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