Goliath the Lobster gets new home at Montreal Biodome

MONTREAL – Goliath the Lobster is settling into his new home, far away from forks and butter dishes.

The seven-kilogram crustacean, which arrived in a shipment at a Montreal-area grocery store last week, will be living out its days in the St. Lawrence ecosystem basin at the Montreal Biodome.

Goliath is estimated to be between 35 to 50 years old and is an American lobster from the Northwest Atlantic. It was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Goliath spent a few days in an isolation tank before being gingerly placed on Thursday in the rocky shored basin of the St. Lawrence ecosystem at the Biodome where visitors can see him.

It will be transferred to the ecosystem’s main basin, which contains 2.5 million litres of seawater, in two weeks.

Goliath won’t be lonely once it gets there — the basin is home to 30 other lobsters.

The beady-eyed bottom-dweller isn’t the biggest of the undersea predators the Biodome has welcomed. An eight-kilogram lobster was donated to the facility by a Boston woman who won it in a Super Bowl contest.

The creature has since died.

The largest of the clawed critters known to date weighed 20 kilograms and measured almost 110 centimetres from the tips of its claws to the end of its tail.

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