"goodbye my going to miss yo”

Newly released 9/11 text messages reveal poignant history of the day

The whistleblower website Wikileaks has just released more than a half million text messages that it says are from the morning of 9/11. They reveal panicked family members trying to contact loved ones, first-hand reports of the attacks that killed close to 3,000 people, as well as officials frantically trying to grasp what was happening, CNN reports. Many reveal the human instinct to reach out to loved ones: “The only thoughts I have are of Nicholas, Ian and you,” read one. “I am terrified. I needed to tell you that I truly love you. always, diane.” Another was tinged with remorse: “I know you have a new relationship and do not care about me. But just in case anything happens know I love you hon. Missed Ya good bye.” One message from 11:32:56 a.m. reads: “if i do not hear from you by high noon, i am going to pick laura up at school and tell her her father is dead.” A message at 10:24 a.m. appears to show authorities working to secure the first family, using the code names used for then-president George W. Bush’s twin daughters Jenna and Barbara. “TWINKLE AND TURQ ARE ACCOUNTED FOR AND SAFE,” it said.


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