Google adds GIF filter option to its image search

Service allows users to better find pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and grumpy cat

Google image searches will soon allow users to filter for GIFs, the short animated videos that are popular online.

PC Mag explains how to use the new search:

“All of your grumpy cat meme needs will now be satisfied with the addition of the “Animated” option to Google Image Search. To use it, select “Search tools” and the “Any type” dropdown menu.”

Alas, the service is being rolled out slowly over the next few days, so users may have to wait to easily find those grumpy cats and/or pictures of Jennifer Lawrence falling up the stairs at the Oscars.

At the same time Google announced its GIF search, it also announced a second new search function that will allow users to search for images with only a transparent background.

While Google is usually a technology innovator, the move feels almost late. It comes after GIFs had a big year in 2012. They played a large part in the social media conversation during the U.S. presidential campaign and GIF was even named the 2012 word of the year by the Oxford Dictionary.