Guergis info came from different sources -

Guergis info came from different sources

PMO might have got its information from the government itself


Since private investigator Derrick Snowdy testified that he didn’t give the Conservatives any information that would have justified removing Helena Guergis, former minister of state for the status of women, from its caucus, the party is now saying that it received its tips from a number of sources. This is leading to speculation that the government itself has damning information about now-independent MP. Whether that information reveals anything worse then Guergis’ association with Nazim Gillani, a Toronto businessman currently facing fraud charges, or the fact that she allowed her husband, Rahim Jaffer, to use her BlackBerry and office for potentially illegal lobbying activities, remains unknown. “It’s certainly a possibility that the government was and still is sitting on information related to Guergis,” said NDP MP Pat Martin. “If I were a more jaded type, I would even speculate that Snowdy orchestrated this whole tempest in a teapot on behalf of the Conservative government to get rid of a problematic minister.”

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