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Harper and Redford to snub each other at the Stampede


Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Alberta Premier Allison Redford will be meeting in Calgary this week, but their caucuses will not.

The customary annual meeting between the federal Conservatives and the Alberta Progressive Conservatives during the Calgary Stampede has not been scheduled this year. Redford told the Calgary Herald that the meeting was overlooked because neither party wanted to meet “on a business agenda” during the Stampede’s 100th anniversary, but the relationship between the two governments is rumoured to be strained.

During the Alberta provincial election this spring, Calgary MP Rob Anders told the Hill Times that many members of the federal caucus were hoping to see Redford’s Tories unseated by the opposition Wildrose party.

A few weeks ago, an email from Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was made public, in which the Harper-heavyweight called Alberta Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk a “complete and utter asshole.”

Redford will be meeting with the Prime Minister privately in the coming days.

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