Harper draws on spectre of Homolka

PM says Canada is soft on crime

Stephen Harper dropped the name to make a point: “Karla Homolka.” In recent weeks, the PM has used Homolka’s legacy to take a stand against Canada’s “soft-on-crime attitudes.” Homolka is eligible this year to apply for a pardon for her crimes. “That, my friends, is how the laws have been written over the past few decades,” Harper explained, “when soft-on-crime attitudes were fashionable and concern for criminals took priority over compassion for victims.” The Tories are expected to turn out a piece of legislation before summer break that would toughen up the pardon process. This effort follows the revelation sex offender Graham James, who molested teenage hockey players in the 1980s and 90s, has already been granted a pardon.

The Globe and Mail

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