Harper promises "major transformations" in Davos speech

Speech includes preview of upcoming budget bill

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday that his government plans to revamp Canada’s immigration, pensions and research and development policies. “In the months to come, our government will undertake major transformations to position Canada for growth over the next generation,” Harper told the 2,600 government and business leaders attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. In delivering the keynote speech of the conference, Harper was widely expected to touch on the key aspects of the Conservative government’s upcoming budget. Many of the specific policy points were left unsaid, but Harper did say that, when it comes to immigration, Ottawa will emphasize attracting those with the labour skills that Canada needs. Harper also warned developing countries not to assume that their relative prosperity compared with countries in Africa, South America and Asia is “somehow the natural order of things.” He asked “whether the creation of economic growth, and therefore jobs, really is the No. 1 policy priority for everyone,” adding that his government is working to ensure Canada’s economic stability and expansion. He also emphasized his support for increased trade with Asia, especially when it comes to oil.

The Globe and Mail

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