Harper trusted over Ignatieff on economy

But Canadians are split on just what to do

Less than half of Canadians trust Stephen Harper to run the economy, but the prime minister still far outstrips his main rival, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, when it comes to his approval rating as an economic manager. A new poll by Angus Reid finds that 41 per cent trust Harper to help the economy, compared to just just 23 per cent who feel confident about Ignatieff’s ability to handle the file. What dollars-and-cents issues are Canadians most worried about? The poll found 23 per cent said taxes and 22 per cent cited unemployment. Poverty is the biggest worry for 17 per cent, while 12 per cent say the deficit and 10 per cent inflation. On specific government priorities, a mere five per cent said infrastructure spending should be Ottawa’s top priority, and only 1 per cent suggesting defence spending as the top federal concern.

Toronto Star

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