Harper 'won't bite' on question about his political future

Prime minister declines to comment on what he might do if Conservatives fail to get a majority

Prime Minister Stephen Harper wouldn’t speculate about his political future on Tuesday should he fail to win the majority government he’s been pleading for since the start of the campaign. The latest poll data shows the Conservatives still need a boost in popularity to reach a majority, meaning Canadian voters will likely elect a federal government that looks a lot like the one that was defeated just weeks ago. Asked whether another minority would signal the end of his political career, Harper refused to answer, saying “I’m not going to take the bite on that one.” In an interview with the CBC on Monday, NDP leader Jack Layton pledged to not topple the government in a coup. “[Harper] gets the first shot to form government,” Layton said. “The question will be: is he willing to work with the other parties.”

Toronto Star

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