Harrison Ford will reprise role of Han Solo in Episode VII

Movie scoop hunter El Mayimbe of The Latino Review announced an exclusive bit of news so tasty that even Jabba the Hut would be satiated.

“Like a Corellian smuggler I went on the prowl and I came up with something BIG,” wrote Mayimbe earlier today. “Harrison Ford is back as Han Solo. How awesome is that?!”

Mayimbe spilled the scoop of galactic proportions to Victor Garcia, who referred to his guest as “one of the premiere sources for news out there regarding movies,” over at Fox News Latino in a video. Mayimbe explained how difficult it can be to report on movie news when actors and directors lie to the media about their involvement in yet-to-be-released films. He cited an example from the Dark Night when Marion Cotillard “went on a red carpet and bold-faced lied to a reporter” about not appearing in the film. (She later apologized.) Mayimbe also referenced J.J. Abrams who denied he was directing the next Star Wars, news that The Wrap exclusively broke three weeks ago.

Mayimbe assured Garcia that he had triple-checked his Ford/Solo sources. He also emphasized how significant the scoop is, considering Ford has “had a complicated relationship with Star Wars in that he wanted to get killed off in Return of the Jedi, but George Lucas was against it because [Han Solo] was a bestselling figure at the time and you can’t sell dead Han Solo toys.”

Truth, but you can sell toys of Han and Leia’s kids, who are rumoured to appear in Episode VII and I will buy them.