Harry Potter script left in pub

Boozy film crew leaves 118 pages of top-secret screenplay under the table; how much will be revealed?

The UK Sun—arguably the least discreet daily in the world—is in possession of some big secrets regarding the plot of movie based on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The question is how much, if any, of the information it will publish before the movie’s planned release date in November. The script was left under a table in the Waterside Tavern in Kings Langley, Herts, where crew members reportedly launched themselves on a bender last Thursday. The Sun then got its hands on it, and returned the pages to Warner Bros.—but not before publishing pictures of it with the words pixelated, along with the tantalizing claim that the movie will diverge from the novel by author J.K. Rowling (the newspaper says it’s not revealing any more because it doesn’t want to play spoiler, but we’re talking about a British tabloid here, so let’s just wait and see). Warner Bros. is understandably ticked, but one thing is clear: the butter-fingers is not star Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry. He frequents the Waterside but was not with the crew on the night in question.

The Sun

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