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Have yourself a Gangnam little Christmas

Noted this holiday season: Psy


Have yourself a Gangnam little Christmas

Earlier this month, Psy busted out his standard during "Christmas in Washington" — a concert broadcast on TNT on Friday evening. And while Gangnam Style is big at the White House, it’s showing up all over this holiday season:

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gangnam Christmas styleAntwan!
Psy at the White House??? #gangnamstyle http://pic.twitter.com/lMeZVA7HShanel Tsuda
gangnam style guy singing "christmas style" in sequin christmas sweater in front of president obama #americaKayla Moore
Psy singing Christmas music http://pic.twitter.com/mcPtBVunMichael Miller
… Wow, Psy is doing "Gangnam Style" on Christmas at the White House … oh excuse me, "Christmas Style" … #lmao #KoreanPrideDarren Kim
Gangnam style in Washington’s Christmas special… Loving it and the president loved it too! Ahh, improving http://instagr.am/p/ThUag7pq13/MStevens
Heyyyyy SANTA BABY! Lol at this White House Christmas special. Obama was jamming to PSYMy friend, Ken.
Seriously? Gangnam style is on Christmas at the White House Stacie Oliver
Gangnam Style on Christmas In Washington… no just no.:)
Actually … Yes:
But it’s not just the White House where Psy has been spotted … 
Sugar cookie, Gangnam style. #GangnamStyle @psy_oppa #Christmas http://pic.twitter.com/Aiz1g7IHelizabeth withey
I hope my class wins this year! The #gangnam "Christmas style" door has me worried though! http://pic.twitter.com/gZdGtLahAlisha
the christmas card is so cute!! Santa looks like he’s gangnam style-ing http://pic.twitter.com/P6dP6DyXChristina Watts
SuBo christmas gangnam style xo http://pic.twitter.com/DIQ88bxFJamie
Also made this Gangnam Style Christmas card with dancing psy (yes! I actually made it so he moves!) for my friend xD http://pic.twitter.com/1hQg1RlCCharly Boid
PSY / Gangam Style on the Christmas Market…what is this, I don’t even- ಠ_ಠ http://twitpic.com/bmjr84Bela
Wow! Sarah made me a @psy_oppa because of my huge addiction! I love it so much. Best Christmas present so far! :) http://pic.twitter.com/AauYhzYaanonymous.
@psy_oppa 저번에 스타벅스 컵에 강남스타일 그려진 사진 트윗, 기억 하시려나. 이번엔 nail에 싸이님 얼굴이 떳길래 사진 퍼왔어요. 호호. Merry christmas~! http://pic.twitter.com/k4jvZO8g쩐양(ジュニ)
@BeatriceMiller BEA I MADE YOU A CHRISTMAS COOKIE AND THE DUDE IS DOING THE GANGNAM STYLE lmaoooo http://pic.twitter.com/BighJVFZJennifer Maggio
… his moves have been popping up all over this holiday season: 
Teachers did gangnam style for the christmas play….*facepalm* http://pic.twitter.com/na99aadPandrea
Omg #psy is at our #2020 Christmas party. #awesome http://pic.twitter.com/e82rx3z5Stuart Kent
Dressed up my dad as PSY for their Christmas party! Walang sinabi si Psy sa tatay ko! Lol http://pic.twitter.com/CLio9A5QKristine Gapuz
Lol, only at your Christmas concert you must play Gangnam style.. With the staff dancing to it dkm http://pic.twitter.com/0LAMTOOs[LAW]-RUH.
Hey…! Sexy Lady Opp Opp Opp Opp Opp Oppa Gangnam Style! On Our Christmas party http://pic.twitter.com/TLMOAKaCKeirah Reyes
Forced to do Gangnam style dance at office Christmas party!!! *Psy" ;) http://pic.twitter.com/MJhrIQZhKaren Taylor
Dancing "Gangnam Style" with the kids during Hibat’s Christmas Parade http://pic.twitter.com/RLyKdsmDNicolas Sehnaoui
Gangnam style at #Deloitte Christmas Party! http://pic.twitter.com/RXuL3YyTKimberley Clough
Gangnam style christmas carol at my office:-) http://pic.twitter.com/Zb0dlPAXisko moreno
How do Hugo D and the team warm up before the programme? With a bit of a Christmas boogie, Gangnam Style of course!!. http://pic.twitter.com/7dtuRequBBC Radio Ulster
Psy Reveals a Cute Christmas Message to his Fans Read more at http://ow.ly/ggDgG via @kpopstarz http://pic.twitter.com/Ny1tlwhdKpopStarz

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