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Heart Attack Grill spokesperson dies of heart attack


An unofficial spokesperson for the Las Vegas restaurant Heart Attack Grill has died after suffering a heart attack, according to a report in the Las Vegas Sun.

John Alleman was not employed by the grill, but he became the face of the restaurant. He ate there every day, was friendly with other customers and a caricature of his face — with the nickname “Patient John” — was added to the menu and to Heart Attack Grill merchandise.

A child eats a quadruple-bypass burger. (Heart Attack Grill)

Alleman died after having a heart attack while waiting for a bus outside the restaurant, reported the newspaper. He was 52.

“He lived a very full life. He will be missed,” owner Jon Basso, who likes to be called Dr. Jon, told the Las Vegas Sun.

The grill, which allows anyone who weighs more than 350 pounds to eat free, has a medical theme, complete with waitresses in sexy nurse uniforms. It is famous for its high-calorie menu items, including the quadruple-bypass burger, which contains four beef patties, cheese, bacon and 9,982 calories.

Blair River, another one of the Heart Attack Grill’s unofficial spokesman, died last year when he was just 29. River, who was 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighed 575 pounds, died in March 2011 after contracting the flu.

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