Hello Americans!

With great packaging by the very excellent @RachelSklar, Mediaite has posted my roundup of the Teneycke affair. The comments under the piece are already hilarious.

And in today’s New York Times, Penelope Green graciously nods to my book in her latest piece on “Butch Craft,” the latest fad in manly furniture making:

In an era defined by an appetite for “conspicuous authenticity,” to borrow a phrase from Andrew Potter, author of “The Authenticity Hoax: How We Get Lost Finding Ourselves,” out this year from HarperCollins, it’s easy to be cynical. Butch Craft could be an arts collective in Bushwick, or maybe a Viking metal band, the phrase peppered with umlauts, or a reclaimed-wood furniture collection produced by bearded hipsters.

Feh, Mr. Moss swatted the idea away. “This isn’t an inelegant going back to the rough gesture,” he said. “It’s not a guy going out and making a bed of antlers. It’s a progression toward a very elegant gesture. It’s just that the materials have this toughness and are an alternative means of giving an art content form and expression in a functional object.”

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