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Hells Angels unhappy with prison life

Cramped cells, limited family visits have bikers complaining in court


The Hells Angels aren’t happy with their new prison digs. A number of the bikers rounded up en masse during Operation SharQc last spring say they have had it with the cramped quarters and lack of visitation hours provided to them. According to a motion filed in Superior Court by lawyer Sylvie Bordelais–she represented Karla Homolka upon her release in 2005–many of the bikers, holed up in Montreal’s Bordeau Jail awaiting trial on a plethora of gang-related and murder charges, are suffering health-related problems, and they must remain behind glass during family visits, save for twice a year. “How can you justify this rupture with a family?” Bordelais asked. “How do you explain that their children are restricted from contact with their fathers?”

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