Highlights from part 2 of Lance Armstrong's 'tell all' (say nothing)

'Will you rise again?' Oprah Winfrey asked the disgraced cyclist

Lance Armstrong and Oprah Winfrey: Part 2

"I view this situation as one big lie that I repeated a lot of times," Lance Armstrong said in Part 1 of his conversation with Oprah broadcast Thursday during which he admitted to taking EPO and other performance-enhancing drugs. Part 2 of the conversation aired Friday:

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Round 2: Oprah vs Lance #Doprah Sharaz
Like a bad car accident – I don’t want to look but I can’t help myself #lanceLisa Browne
#Oprah #Lance #Part2 #LiestrongRyan Thorley
It’s Friday night…. is this really what we want to do? #DoprahWolfpack Hustle
The Lance Armstrong / Oprah Drinking Game. [Warning: You’ll be hammered by 9:30pm] Cipolla
No shortage of haters monitoring the interview, but also some fans: 
#Lance is still a big inspiration to me he proves that you can always get your life back together not matter what.Hunter Hutchison
I will always root for Lance too! #OwnIt #lanceChelsea C. Caspersen
I’m still on your side! #livestrong #lance #armstrong
At the beginning of the process of facing his demons #lance #armstrongiBK Wes
Am I the only person who thinks it would be really cool if Lance could come back for one more tour and win it? #OWNTV #LanceJacob Simmons
I think he is being sincere. #lance #owntvT.J. Runyon
In fact, lots of people were distracted by what they perceived to be a lack of sincerity:
Lance seems to have told so many lies through the years, he doesn’t know what the truth is anymore… #lance #liarliatPJ Moloney
No sign of emotion, No sign of guilt. #lancerobin baker
Liar Liar #Lance on fire.Diane
#Lance my man, one word: REMORSE.OrangeJammies
“Do you think you got what you deserved?” Oprah asked Armstrong at one point.
"I deserve to be punished but I don’t think I deserve the death penalty" #Flog #LieStrong #LanceDean
Would love the opportunity to compete again but I can’t #lance #armstrongiBK Wes
Followup Q: “Do you have remorse?” A. “I am only starting.”
"I’ve had a messy life" #LanceJason Gorber
Armstrong was also asked what he was thinking when he tweeted this photo: 
#Lance #Armstrong with his 7 Tour De France Jerseys.
"More defiance. And I thought it was a good idea… at that time" – Lance Armstrong on his controversial tweet Valeriano
Somewhere around this point in the interview — or maybe it was from the start — people started to turn on Oprah:
Wish Oprah followed the hell up on her questions. She kept letting things go. Frustrating. #Lance #OprahSean Kelly
Oprah:"Is there anyone who knows the whole truth?" How did she let that go with only a "yes". #lance #doprahJason Leboeuf
@oprah when will you start asking questions? Second day in the row blah blah blah #lance #LanceenOprah oops another commercial breakKurt Boes
When asked how his children are coping with the scandal, Armstrong fought back tears:
#NW #OWNTV #Lance #Crying #Oprah Sm:)e
OMG! Real emotion! It took over an hour (and into the second day), and the subject of his children. Of cooourursse lol #Lance @teahagsTheUncensoredRx
Watching a man break down over how he hurt his son is gut-wrenching. I give #Lance credit for praising Kristin for raising the kids well.Connie Dieken
Why do I feel like #Lance is really TRYING to crySarah Moyles
“Will you rise again,” Winfrey asked near the end of the interview. 
Will you rise again Lance? What a stupid question. He’s not Batman. #LanceArmstrongJustin Kelly
"I do not know the outcome here," #Lance tells #Oprah. "That would have driven me crazy in the past."Brian Browdie
To sum up the sentiment on Twitter: 
Thank goodness it’s over! #Lance #DOprah #LAOprah #Oprah #owntvMr. Tambourine Man
Quite Disappointing. Bed calling #zzzz #lance #LanceArmstrongLaura Ryan
Last word of the evening: 
It just dawned on me, I’m following folks with nothing better to do on a friday night than tweet #Lance and Te’o. #MySoCalledLifeFelicia Lewis