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Hilarious Accommodation



Quebecers are a fantastic sort. We aren’t afraid to say when something bothers us, and when something really bother us, well… We hold province-wide public hearings chaired by two weighty professional thinkers, where anyone with a pulse and a chip on their shoulder can grab a microphone and let their thoughts be known, no matter how foolish or malformed. Once this Jerry Springer-esque scene plays out ad nauseam, we have enough sense of humour to laugh at ourselves. “The format is simple,” says Radio-Canada’s Infoman, in this clip. “A woman hands you a microphone  and you scream for two minutes.”

Jean Charest, the man largely responsible for the above mentioned spectacle and a man almost as well versed in dodging a question as Gilles Duceppe, actually says something completely revealing about the whole process:

“What would Radio-Canada have done if it wasn’t for Bouchard-Taylor?” said the preem, talking about the sheer volume of coverage generated from the Reasonable Accommodations hearings. “Now we’re wracking our brains trying to come up  for something for next year, like a royal commission on rivers, or something, that’ll keep people busy all year.”

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