Hockey Hall of Fame (with Gary Bettman sightings)

Introducng the #HHOF class of 2012

Hockey Hall of Fame (with Gary Bettman sightings)

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The NHL lockout persists and every day without a deal means less hockey. The Outdoor Winter Classic was recently cancelled and CBC has been forced to show replays of Classic Hockey Nights in Canada to make up for the longing, but one event couldn’t be taken away on Monday night: the Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
2012 Inductees Sundin, Bure, Oates and Sakic show off their new Honoured Member blazers. #HHOF
What an awesome class of players going into the HOF next week. Sakic-Legend, Bure-Rocket, Oates-Team Player, Sundin-Only decent Leaf #HOFGraham DeLaet
About to watch the greatest Leaf receive the greatest honor. #HHOF. Great player. Better person Nichol
And while it was a night of accolades and praises, any hockey-related events are tough to overshadow the lockout.
Feel sorry the current hockey #HOF class is being overshadowed by the lockout mess. They deserve betterAndy Strickland
Breaking News: Gary Bettman asks class of 2012 to accept much smaller Hall of Fame plaques than the ones previously agreed to. #hofSid Seixeiro
Neither Bettman nor Fehr should show up at Hall of Fame festivities. They both should be too embarrassed.Damien Cox
And thanks to Twitter and Candice Cameron Bure (wife of Valeri Bure and, yes, DJ Tanner from the sitcom Full House), social media got a brief behind the scenes look at the Bure’s.
Happy to be in Toronto & even more excited to watch my brother in law be inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame tmrw! #HHOFBure #HallofFameCandace Cameron Bure
Bure Brothers. Crazy memories on & off the ice. Love you both #HHOF Cameron Bure
Hockey awesomeness!!! #HHOF Cameron Bure
Family photo – including Val’s mom. #HHOF Cameron Bure
Pavel Bure was nasty. Went around lidstrom twice like he was a pylon. And that never happened. #HHOF #russianrocketJohn Mitchell
"Hockey is the greatest game in the world." – Pavel Bure opening his Induction speech. #HHOFNHL
Great job by Bure in his speech by showing equal respect to each team he played for. #HOFShaun Tomko
Watching this #HHOF induction ceremony and all of the hockey clips is making me miss hockey that much more. #Sundin #bure #sakic #oatesCara Longeway
No notes in front of Adam Oates during HOF induction speech. Impressive. #hofSid Seixeiro
Oates met his wife Donna late in his career. "I wish we met earlier," he said, "so I could show you I was a better player." Great line.Dan Rosen
And then the night turned a bit sour when Gary Bettman, the NHL commissioner (and the man largely blamed for the current lockout), came up to say a few words. Fans at home weren’t impressed.
Hey Gary, we are all watching and booing you and @NHL. Just so you know. #HHOF*JAY*
Ew. Get him off stage #HHOFPaula
I’m boo-ing at my TV. I feel like Bettman can hear me. #HHOFLacey Larissa
I’d turn my hatred for Bettman down 1 notch if he’d stop talking and leave the building #HHOFDeborah Burke
Six people clapped for Gary Bettman’s introduction to the podium. #HHOFPutting On The Foil
Gery Bettman get sarcastic claps at the #HHOF tonightRoger Robert Smith
I’m surprised everyone didn’t start booing Bettman #HHOFRiley Aisman
Sit down Gary Bettman, we’ve heard more than enough from you. And please don’t call it "our game."steve simmons
So that’s what Bettman’s voice sounds like. It’s usually drowned out by boos. #hhofHosea Cheung
From the sounds of the happenings across way at HHOF, several cream pies were confiscated from former players on way in. #bettmanGreg Brady
And when the night focused back on the hockey players, fans were happy again to see their old hockey heroes.
I tune in the HHOF ceremony when they are inducting Joe Sakic, the only part I care about. #SuperJoe what a player!Jake Murad
I’ve said this before, but I’d wager about one-third of today’s pro hockey players list Joe Sakic as their favorite player. #HHOFAaron Sims
Joe Sakic – "the reality of his accomplishments has far exceeded the hype" #hhof @tsnjamesduthieJeff Riddall
"I was supposed to be too small and too slow" – Joe Sakic. Never listen to the haters, prove them wrong. #HHOFCause We’re Canadian
And finally, it was time for the former Toronto Maple Leafs captain Mats Sundin to take the stage.
Greatest Leaf ever is up next! Number 13, Mats Sundin #HHOFSarkis PC
Mats Sundin is next! Toronto, stand up! #HHOFSteph L
A night that I will never forget! #Sundin #HHOF #GreatestCaptain #LeafsLegend @MapleLeafs di francesco†
To the confusion of some, Sundin was introduced by Daniel Alfredsson. The two are both from Sweden, but Leafs fans remember “Alfie” better as the captain for their hated rivals, the Ottawa Senators.
Alfredsson introduces Sundin at the HHOF. Someone’s idea of a joke?scorpshockey
Wow. Leaf fans. How will you take this? Alfie introducing Mats. #HHOFSteve Lloyd
Even Mats thought that Alfie tribute was awkward. #HHOFKathy
I know I hate nhl now but this HHOF induction of Mats Sundin is awesome!!Lenito
Last but not least Leaf Great Matt Sundin enters the#HHOF Welcome to the Great Hall Welcome home 13 Grimes
Hall of Fame class of 2012 take escalator to officially sign the HHOF membership. Dope. #2012HHOF Hoffner
And now back to the bargaining table.