Hockey Night -

Hockey Night


Well well well. It seems Delores Claman’s  commercial instincts and CTV’s competitive  streak have made a nifty match. CTV has acquired full rights to the piece of music formerly known as the theme to Hockey Night in Canada.

I remember reading somewhere that ol’ Delores didn’t stand a chance of selling that music to anybody else.  Can’t remember where I read that, but surely the author is feeling a mite bit sheepish now.  But not nearly as sheeish as the CBC executives who so totally  screwed the pooch on this file.

Good for Delores I say. It’ll be sad not to hear that familiar theme on Saturday nights anymore, but the Ceeb suits were trying to nickle-and-dime the lady out of her creative property rights, and it came back to bite them on the arse. It looks good on them. CTV says it’ll use the theme on TSN, RDS and its Olympic broadcasts.