Earthquake survivors tell their stories

Search for survivors continues; death toll is at 228

The devastating earthquake that hit the Italian town of L’Aquila has left 228 dead so far, and the chances of finding more survivors is becoming increasingly bleak. As rescue workers use their bare hands to dig through the rubble, survivors of the worst quake to hit Italy in 30 years talk about their experiences. One fire fighter broke down upon finding his dead daughter in the rubble of a house, and a 98-year-old woman who survived told rescuers she passed the time knitting while waiting to be saved. As shock and grief set in, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi tours the devastated area. The PM promised that none of the victims of the quake would be forgotten, and asked the international community to let Italy take care of its own saying “we are a proud people and we have the means.” Second link below leads to a gallery of images of L’Aquila, before and after the quake.

Telegraph – Article

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